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2024 Men's Retreats

WHAT IS A RETREAT? Retreats provide a weekend away to reflect on God and the living out of one's faith at work, home and in social life. Retreats are conducted by priests and laymen of Opus Dei and include:

- Periods of guided prayer in the chapel

- Opportunity to attend Holy Mass and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation

- Some talks on prayer life and virtues

- Time for personal reflection - Opportunity for personal spiritual direction

- Praying of the Stations of the Cross and the Holy Rosary DETAILS Retreats in 2024 will be held on 17 - 19 May and 20 - 22 September.

The retreat begins at 8.00pm on the Friday night and finishes up by 2:30pm on the Sunday afternoon.

The address for the retreat venue is:

Minden Retreat

25 Boughens Rd

Minden QLD 4311

Carpooling can be arranged.

Minden Retreat is usually used as a wedding venue and has its own chapel. The Retreat Fee is $350 for a standard room (no linen) with shared bathroom. However, there are 8 rooms available in the upper cabin of Minden Retreat which come with linen at an extra cost. The cost for these rooms are $400 for a room with linen only and $450 for a room with linen and individual ensuite.

Full meals will be served on Saturday (all meals) and Sunday (breakfast & lunch) plus tea, coffee and snacks.

Retreat fees:

- $350 for a Standard Room (no linen, shared bathroom) - 8 rooms available

- $400 for an Upper Cabin Room (linen, shared bathroom) - 4 rooms available

- $450 for an Upper Cabin Room (air conditioned, linen, ensuite bathroom) - 4 rooms available Please indicate which type of room you would like when submitting your registration. However, please do not make payment straight away. Payment details will be sent once your room has been confirmed based on availability. Thank you. If you would like to attend a retreat, please register here or contact / 0419 126 999 if you have any further questions.


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